E-health and online health learning is an especially important sector, and a recent EU-wide survey shows that Europeans are “hungry for online information about health and healthy lifestyles”, with over 75% thinking the Internet is a good way of finding out more about health, and 90% saying that the Internet helped them to improve their knowledge about health-related topics.

All indicators show that e-learning and the health industry are poised to go hand in hand, since, as we showed, benefits from e-learning approaches are not just related to cost savings, but also to increased efficiency, convenience, and reach.

Educational e-learning is a niche with large growth rates (the largest of all other e-learning segments), attached to the health industry, one of the largest industries worldwide.

Adopting it, if you’re a healthcare provider, and catering to that market, if you are an educational institution, is a no-brainer.

From eFront Blog by Nikos Andriotis

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