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HIMSS Privacy and Security Forum

Keynote: Manage Risk And Take Hold Of The Future

General Session

9:00 – 9:45 AM, Monday, June 16th

Jim Doggett
Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer & Chief Technology Risk Officer
Kaiser Permanente

What’s that reverberation you hear? It’s the pace of change echoing throughout the healthcare industry thanks to non-stop advances in technology. That pace is dramatically changing our risk landscape, and healthcare privacy and security initiatives must evolve constantly to address new and growing threats.

In his keynote presentation, James Doggett, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Risk Officer for Kaiser Permanente, will discuss the state of the health IT industry, how to protect your organization’s technology assets and data and the role risk management will play in defining the future of healthcare.

In his highly engaging style, Jim will call on more than 20 years of information security experience to provide a big-picture perspective on, among other things:

1.    Updating your technology risk model to take into account people, processes, and technology

2.    Creating an organizational culture that embraces a shared responsibility for privacy and security

3.    Convincing C-suite executives that privacy and security spending is a value-add and not just a cost

4.    Using risk management for data loss prevention and other technology threats

Change is constant in healthcare and the related privacy and security threats can cause concern. Fortunately, as Jim will explain, there are ways to mitigate changes and the risks they represent so that you don’t get steamrolled by the future.