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When dealing with education in the medical field, HIPAA becomes a real concern.

Who should define the concept or process of a standardized patient ID?

Interesting question and answer regarding standardization of data…

The lack of a commonly-agreed upon patient ID remains a serious headache for healthcare IT. Without such a common patient ID standard, healthcare providers spend considerable time, effort and money aligning various patient IDs in various silos created by healthcare IT vendors, providers, payers and government, and few if any of these silos are talking to each other.
Part of this originates from amendments to HIPAA that forbid the federal government from defining a national patient identifier. Privacy advocates inserted this prohibition and fear that increasing government surveillance makes it imperative that patients not be required to use someone else’s credentials, but should be able to self-assert their identities, so they may use […]

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For Gmail: Making encryption easier to use

Making end-to-end encryption easier to use
Your security online has always been a top priority for us, and we’re constantly working to make sure your data is safe. For example, Gmail supported HTTPS when it first launched and now always uses an encrypted connection when you check or send email in your browser. We warn people in Gmail and Chrome when we have reason to believe they’re being targeted by bad actors. We also alert you to malware and phishing when we find it.

Today, we’re adding to that list the alpha version of a new tool. It’s called End-to-End and it’s a Chrome extension intended for users who need additional security beyond what we already provide.

We recognize that this sort of encryption will probably only be used for very sensitive messages or […]

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Manage Risk And Take Hold Of The Future

Consider following this conference to learn more about HIPAA from a 20 year veteran.

Keynote: Manage Risk And Take Hold Of The Future
General Session

9:00 – 9:45 AM, Monday, June 16th

Jim Doggett
Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer & Chief Technology Risk Officer
Kaiser Permanente

What’s that reverberation you hear? It’s the pace of change echoing throughout the healthcare industry thanks to non-stop advances in technology. That pace is dramatically changing our risk landscape, and healthcare privacy and security initiatives must evolve constantly to address new and growing threats.

In his keynote presentation, James Doggett, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Risk Officer for Kaiser Permanente, will discuss the state of the health IT industry, how to protect your organization’s technology assets and data and […]

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Email providers get serious about security

From an article by Harry McCracken –
Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency’s monitoring of the web landed like a bomb in Silicon Valley, raising major questions about privacy for the three biggest free email services: Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s (the successor to Hotmail) and Yahoo Mail. In response, the tech titans pledged to ramp up their use of encryption to shield their services from unauthorized access–by governments or anybody else.
It’s not hard to see why: encryption dramatically increases email security. Even if an interloper manages to get hold of one of your messages, it’s nothing but gibberish without the proper decryption key. That’s why Google announced on March 20 that it is now encrypting 100% of messages […]

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